The L Word: Generation Q 2019 ~ introducing original characters, but also the next, bold generation

The 15 years wait is finally over. DECEMBER 8, 2019 is the release date of the first out of 8 episodes! It airs at 10 PM on Showtime.

“The L word” is back with everything that made it famous and even more.

The original complex characters mixed with troubled ones brought together by their desire to live life to it’s fullest are completed by newer characters : Jacqueline Toboni, Rosanny Zayas, Arienne Mandi, Queen Sugar and Leo Sheng.

generation 1.jpg

Let the groundbreaking drama begin!

We have Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) running for Mayor “the first lesbian mayor of Los Angeles”.

Shane (Katherine Moening)  the many queer person’s sexual awakening is still there with more women running after her??!!

Has Alice (Leisha Hailey) given up the chart?

The L word original vs generation q


Getting a little bit more a glimpse into the new characters, with Easy‘s Jacqueline Toboni as Sarah rushing over to meet two new people who’ve moved in next door (one – at least – of whom she excitedly announces is gay). Sarah is Catholic and coming to terms with her sexuality. Micah, played by Leo Sheng is a trans man and social worker.

We’re also introduced to publication relations rep Dani, played by Arienne Mandi, as she seems to be planning a secret proposal to her partner Sophie (Rosanny Zayas).

In the first, shorter teaser trailer, we saw Jacqueline Toboni sneaking out of someone’s house naked, and then being spotted wearing her shirt backwards as if she’s got dressed in a rush.

Generation Q the new L word

Shane, Alice and Bette were hanging out as if no time has passed. It looked like they’ve got a new coffee shop to wile away the hours in, or maybe The Planet’s had a major revamp.

Dani seems to be nursing a crush on Bette, but assures Sophie she’s going to propose any day now. “One day I’m gonna pull off this elaborate move and it will all be for you,” she promises. Meanwhile, Finley is falling in love for the first time and Alice is struggling to bond with her partner’s (Stephanie Allyne, “One Mississippi”) kids.

More questions pop out in our heads :



~ Will Tina be back?

~ Where is Dana?

~ Where is Helena?

~ Where is Carmen?

~ Has Bette given up art?

~ Are they still hangin’ at the Planet?

~ Is Jenny really dead?



Watch the full length trailer:




Trailer Watch: “The L Word” Saga Continues with “Generation Q”


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