Bonnie & Bonnie (2019) – lesbian drama film


Bonnie & Bonnie’ is a lesbian drama film, involving two young women, Yara and Kiki, coming from different backgrounds.

Yara (Emma Drogunova) is a 17 years old Albanian teenage girl and she lives with her father and sisters and brothers in Hamburg , Germany. She works at a supermarket and she spends her free time with friends.

Kiki (Sarah Mahita) is a rebel, because life has made her so. She is an orphan, yet she became strong and though through life experiences and she is used to rely only on herself.


Kiky changes Yara’s life. And Yara hers.

They fall în love at first sight and Nikky experiences love and tenderness for the first time in her life, while Yara feels the taste of freedom, for the first time în her life.

Of course, there must be an obstacle în their love story, the turning point.

Yara’s father and brother, Bekim, disagree with their relationship, as her father has already chosen a husband for her.

The girls have no other choice, but to run away. And they flee and establish themselves în the south of France, where Kiki’s sister lives.

The film is directed by Ali Hakim.

It is a great modern love story, with a hint of drama and glimpses of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Bonnie & Clyde’, as the title suggests.


Watch the trailer



Bonnie & Bonnie (2019) lesbian movie


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