Good Kisser ~ lesbian themed indie movie 2019

“Good Kisser” is persented almost like a play taking place mostly in one setting and featuring basically three characters. Happening over the course of one single evening this is a rather intimate affair.

Jenna (Kari Alison Hodge) and Kate (Rachel Paulson) have been going out for nearly two years, but maybe it’s time to spice up their relationship a little. Though Jenna is nervous and tittering as they get into a rideshare that’ll take them across Seattle for their first date with the mysterious and alluring Mia (Julie Eringer), Kate assures her that everything will be okay; if at any time Jenna opts out, she’ll follow suit. “Baby, it’s fine,” Kate tells her. “You’re ambidextrous!”

good kisser Jenna Kate and MiaBut when Jenna sets eyes on Mia, she realizes that maybe this attempt at a threesome wasn’t such a bad idea after all, despite her self-conscious nature. As the three women share wine, tequila, backgrounds, and stories—Jenna is a struggling writer, Mia is well-traveled and is moving on to Hawaii in just a week—something seems off, though Jenna can’t quite put her finger on it. But when she stumbles onto surprising secrets, the love triangle begins to crack.

With “Good Kisser”, writer/director Wendy Jo Carlton explores the hazy lines of modern dating in a refreshing way, opting to eschew melodrama in favor of letting her characters take their time emotionally and physically feeling each other out.

good kisser the chemistry leaves you mesmerized

Jenna agrees to a weekend fling with girlfriend Kate and worldly, mysterious Mia, but as the night goes on, Jenna starts to notice strange details about the other women which puts some cracks in the love triangle.


It quickly becomes apparent that the real elephant in the room of “Good Kisser” is not the threesome, but rather the secrets that can no longer stay hidden.
The photography is beautiful. The tone is warm and inviting. This is a party you want to be invited to, and a film you should see.

“Good Kisser”  is a lesbian feature film produced in Seattle, Washington, 2019, written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton.

good kisser lesbian poster




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