Danielle Cormack special guest star at Melbourne, Australia on 3d of September 2016 at I am sorry Grandma, the Girlfriend Society & co star Kate Jenkinson – amazing party ladies

    It’s a # Ballie frenzy in the LGBT community and not only there, but all over the world, the love story between Bea Smith & Allie Novak from the Australian series Wentworth has gathered hundreds of thousands of fans thanks to their amazing chemistry and talent. It all started in Wentworth series, season... Continue Reading →


Wentworth’s most beautiful love between women : Bea Smith & Allie Novak

  Bea Divine sapphires of lonely skies, Shake my overwhelming boldness, And reveal new sides of me, Whenever the night is lonely, Starless and moonless shadows, Descend an unconscious frivolity, Which burns the sensuality of my feelings, For you, In the age when stones lost their value, It’s the tremor of your lips I treasure,... Continue Reading →

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