Wentworth’s most beautiful love between women : Bea Smith & Allie Novak



bea smith in love

Divine sapphires of lonely skies,

Shake my overwhelming boldness,

And reveal new sides of me,

Whenever the night is lonely,

Starless and moonless shadows,

Descend an unconscious frivolity,

Which burns the sensuality of my feelings,

For you,

In the age when stones lost their value,

It’s the tremor of your lips I treasure,

In the savage spirit of your loneliness,

I am in love with your skin,

Within the dreamful longing of my sin.

bea look4



allie look 3

Nightwish of my burning skin,

In the name of my sin,

I’d die for a piece of your dream,

Sweet moans of pleasure,

That make your sleep worth a bliss of skin,

Unreal under a pale moonbeam,

Whenever unbending sighs of your lips wanting mine,

In a different kind of measure

For measure images of the unsaid.

I dream of you in each of my sleepless nights,

Whenever the sun dies at dawn,

You are my light in each sinful thought,

Seduced by your presence that rules every day,

Savage beauty of neverending sorrow,

Blissful instincts of my heart I follow.

hot one



allie loves bea

In the bedroom of the night,

Those lips of neverending softness,

Awake songs of sensuality,

Along my heart’s strings,

The night tenders my sleepless wonder,

As slippery fantasies seduce mirages of light,

Perfumes of wild attraction swallow the night,

Inside a velvet nebulosity of desire,

Nevermind the shining darkness that mirrors my silence,

My soul merges insatiably devouring yours.

bea and allie thumb

Inflames of  suave traces of lust demolish each reason,

While the savor of your kiss envelops labyrinths of Eden.

Pagan eyes of absorbing beauty,

Lips of silence conquer my adoration,

Flawless longing of turbulent feelings,

Surrender my nights without hesitation,

Like smoke on the water,

You drive me to the edge of the winds,

You’re my sensuality of tacking chances,

Between rose petals and water lilies,

I am the rain on your lips,

I am your souvenir of the night,

I am the temptress of your skin,

Within ardent satin,

Claim me in the fading shines of the unknown,

Seduce me with your beautiful eyes,

Those shining sapphires on a restless night’s sky,

Unreal, devour the desperation of my ardent skin,

With infamous kisses of forbidden desire,

You hold me captive within your lascivious embrace,

Whenever morning comes, you’ll be the burning ocean of my courage,

I hold you captive within destiny’s strange webs.

bathrobe balliegif

copyright@ inkmarksonemptydreamsballie seahorses

Ally& Stevie – Her lover

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