Danielle Cormack special guest star at Melbourne, Australia on 3d of September 2016 at I am sorry Grandma, the Girlfriend Society & co star Kate Jenkinson – amazing party ladies


the girlfriend society_STORE_BEASMITH aka Danielle Cormack-1024x501


It’s a # Ballie frenzy in the LGBT community and not only there, but all over the world, the love story between Bea Smith & Allie Novak from the Australian series Wentworth has gathered hundreds of thousands of fans thanks to their amazing chemistry and talent.

dani and kate at i am sorry grandma

It all started in Wentworth series, season 4, episode 1 when Allie comes to the prison where Bea is top dog.

beallie lovee

Against all odds and threats, they fall in love, developing  a whole new approach of the character played by Danielle Cormack : being in love.



There are many obstacles in their way and the story has turns and twists and a tragic ending, which is yet not certain.

The two actresses, performed extremely wonderful and that got the fans went crazy at the edge of their seats with their love story.

ballie can't get you outta my head

Because of the abrupt ending at the end of season 4, where Allie is almost dead and Bea is stabbed, remember it’s a show about women in prison, life is not pretty and the characters are rough, but also show their soft sides, just like the writers and actors let the audience see,  I believe events like this are made to make the fans happy and have the times of their lives with their favorite actresses.

same ballie look and kiss danielle cormack

This is the basis on how the fantastic event in Melbourne, Australia on 3d of September 2016 at I am sorry Grandma, the Girlfriend Society with special guest star Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith) & co star Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak), alias the gorgeous Wentworth series  couple Bea&Allie just danced the night away and enchanted the fans with having lots of fun and being very attentive to fans, fulfilling their dream come true..to kiss like Danielle&Kate.


Fans from all continents were able to watch a part of the show live on stream on facebook and it was a blast and everyone enjoyed the amazing and sublime Danielle Cormack.

sooo cuteee

Hopefully, fans from the US and Europe/UK will be able to enjoy parties like these too, with their adored Danielle Cormack and the sweetie Kate Jenkinson.


Love Danielle&Kate and all the great crew that made this event and the whole Wentworth show possible. Watch it!

Also here’s the necklace story : fans just love her!


Danielle will also be in Auckland on 17th of September 2016





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