First lesbian date

When  a girl has a first date with another girl, usually, but not always, one of them takes the initiative to prepare something special for the two of them.

You can make it a simple night out, especially if you live in the same city, but if you don’t and you invite her over it will be different. Why? Because she’ll sleep back to your place anyway. So, you know the city, it’s best places and you can really impress her with a beautiful insight of the city, of your home, a candlelight dinner in a superb place and then to see your home will feel pretty special to her, so make it count for real. Don’t ever break eye contact and make her smile and feel like she was in paradise.


That’s how was my first date with a girl outta’ town. It is such a beautiful memory!

Here are some other things you can do to make her feel so much at home with you :

  • You can take her to see a movie, a lesbian film and you can cuddle and secretly hold hands and share stolen kisses or to the theater or a street festival or a concert that takes place in your city, but make sure it won’t be too long or too crowded, so that you can have time on your own.First-Lesbian-Date-e1466392207902-1024x669
  • You can take her to a bar or a themed cocktail like with jazz tune, have some drinks – Margarita’s, Bloody Mary’s, Daiquiri’s and afterward go clubbin’!! Dancing always gets two people close and well, girls even closer as girls want to have fun, just like in Cindy Lauper’s sonlesbian festival  date
  • You can take her to karaoke. It will be hilarious and you will find out what music she likes and how much fun she iskaraoke lesbian date
  • You can take her see the city and it’s most beautiful places, but also invite her to dinner and don’t walk to much, save some energy for the night and there prepare her something special, just the two of you  on a rented terrace, having dinner and see the city’s magnificent viewlesbian dinner date



  • You can take her to a spa and a massage and make her feel like a queen, or at least like a princess, this can be at a spa or at your place of course, and then you’ll need to make a scenario : get some fruits and chocolates,maybe a chocolate fountain candles, scented sticks, all kinds of soaps and aromatic herbs substances and bathing gowns and slippers, invite her to indulge in some home spa treatments – mani, pedi, a foot rub if you really like her. The main event is, of course, the full body massage. Knead that woman like she’s bread dough and  don’t forget rose petals and champagne for later on that night.lesbian pool date
  • If you really want to impress her, you can take her somewhere else, not her city, not yours, but a romantic place for lesbians like Paris, and there check into a romantic girlie hotel and visit Moulin Rouge and Montmarte and Champs Elysee and Sacre Coeur or Greek Islands, like Lesbo’s or Santorini with those little white houses spread on the sea shore or Halkidiki or get a room in Rome, visit the Sixtine Chappel and all those Piazza’s and with those Bistro’s along that magnificent city, you’ll make her feel like the Queen of an ancient Empire, also there’s Ancient Egypt and Rhodes, many stories can be told in between the Pyramids and many romances can last forever as the desertellen-and-portia-cruise lesbian date
  • You can always ask her what she likes and which places she’d love to go and there will be some hints, weather she likes the sea shore : you can take her on a short sea cruise on a speeding  boat or if she preferes the mountain’s : you can take her in a traditional place in the mountains…traveling always makes you talk, get to know each other better and somehow connect and create a bond, beyond attraction. Yet, don’t underestimate the rules of attraction, they’ll get the fire started and it depends on you for how long will it last!


First dates are always new beginings, new changes to meet beautiful human beings and to better know yourself. Make it memorable and it will last a lifetime and beyond.


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