First woman I loved – lesbian crush

Thinking about what it means for a girl to have feelings for another girl or another woman and she doesn’t know what to do or how to act upon them, I went back to basis : back to the first girl I loved. Well, actually she was a woman. She was and still is an University Professor, but back then she wasn’t my professor yet. In order to pass my entry exam I had to take a couple of economy private lessons  and that is how we met. From the first time I saw her I knew she’ll have an impact, she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, I was obviously very attracted to her  : she was and still is a beautiful blonde with hazel eyes, full lips and a magnificent body , but most of all she was very intelligent and intuitive. She used to wear blue contact lenses and that was very playful from her side. Our encounters were private, we used to laugh a lot and I learned a lot, yet nothing happen between us, as she was straight. Later on, after my passing entry exam, we kept in touch and during Uni years she was my professor, I actually asked her to tutor my graduation Diploma and it turned out to be a blast. Nothing ever happened and she remained a beautiful memory, just like in Bloomington : Catherine and Jackie and Loving Annabelle : Simone  & Annabelle

loving annabelle

Absolutely everyone has a first love, especially in adolescence and there are many experiences that get us thinking about the first girls we loved.

Sweet memories

bloominfton teacher pupil love lesbian

  • Her name was (…), and she was perfect in every way possible. I was 16 at the time and young and dumb, so I let it slip through my hands. I still see her every once in a while but we never talk. She’s better without me and I am with the love of my life now who I plan to marry next year. Time has a way of healing.
  • Her name was Erica, and we met through a mutual friend. She had short hair, wore glasses, and enjoyed helping others. We could talk and laugh about things for hours. But, in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be.
  • Her name started with a K. She had wistful green eyes and rockabilly hair. She was my first kiss, the first hand I held, the first person I cuddled. She was all I had ever wanted. I loved her and I’m such a ghost that I never knew how to treat this first relationship that I lost her to some other girl that she is still with.

Best friends

wild girls

  • My best friend, Morgan. She is the nicest and funniest girl I’ve ever met. We both love scary movies and never stray far from each other.
  • Her name was Anna and she was and still is my best friend. We have had ups and downs. But she is a sweet and kind girl.

Together for life

lesbians together forever

  • The first girl I loved was a high school friend who, believe it or not, is now my wife and the love of my life.  She was my first love and she will be my last love — besides my daughter.
  • I call her my Rock because she is my ROCK and still is. Her name is Petty and she taught me a lot.  I could literally say from when I was 19 years old she said, “I will grow you,” and she did grow me to be a wise and strong woman today. She was the sweetest and strongest woman I’ve ever been with. And still, I loved her and I love her. I just smile and tear drop when I talk about her, and how she is my better understanding woman and only she understands me. She knows what I would say before I can even say it, knows when I’m sad, knows how to make me smile, and she makes me happy. The girl I loved — and I still love the woman she is today and now.
  • We met at 14, we were each other’s first, but we were too young, so we went our separate ways. Twelve years later of not seeing each other, not speaking, and after many relationships and experiences destiny put her back in my life. Today we live together and we are as happy as we could be. She is my happily-ever-after. She’s my first and last.
  • The first I loved is now my wife, Robin. We met at university and spent weeks trying to figure out who was and wasn’t gay…both of us! Our first kiss occurred in my car after a going away party for a friend. It was pouring rain, we were drenched, and it was the defining moment of my life. It’s twelve years later and she still gives me butterflies.

Wild lovesbollywood lesbians

  • Her name was Adhradh, pronounced Ira. She was manipulative but gorgeous. Confident but riddled with anxiety. She was like poison. But I loved her anyway. She was my best friend. I told her I loved her and in retaliation, she dated a guy I hated. We don’t talk anymore but I still love her because I can’t help it. She was the first girl this girl loved?!
  • Her name was Marjory and I miss her every day and would do absolutely anything to have her back.
  • My first was special. She had the prettiest hair and green eyes. She had a smokin’ body.
  • The first girl I actually loved who actually meant something to me, her name is Amber. I spent a year with her and she made me feel beautiful. Unfortunately, I messed that up and caused her to walk away from it all just now.  She was amazing and I love her so much.

Straight loves

  • She was one of the popular girls. However, she was extremely shy. She was incredibly beautiful. She was also straight…
  • Her name was Sia. She was so gorgeous. She took my breath away with every smile. She was also my best friend. We had everything in common. We could talk for hours and hours, and never get bored. One day I told her how I felt, and of course, she wasn’t gay, and she got scared and walked out of my life. I was devastated. I cried for months. To this day we haven’t talked. Sometimes I really miss her. She was, after all, my best friend, the only person who truly knew me and got me. I haven’t been able to fall in love ever since. I also try not to say the word “love” to anyone.tibette


  • My best friend passed away when I was 15. She was my first and she was absolutely amazing.
  • Her name was Sasha, and she was a wonderful person. She was the love of my life. She lost her battle with cancer three years ago. We were together for 12 years. I miss her every day. I miss her laugh and her smile. I miss you my love.
  • Her name is Kellie. She’s a hot Scandinavian architect from London. She loves being butchy, but the woman underneath always came out for me. We could talk for hours and feel like only a moment had passed. I loved her so. She left me when her primary in London broke up with her. See, we’re both poly and she wanted to switch to monogamy. Oh, and I’m bisexual which I later learned she didn’t accept. Our parting was sad and I still miss her.wild lesbians


  • I was a freshman in high school; I don’t remember her name. But her skin was pale olive with black hair and beautiful golden eyes. She had a voice that could make Caesar throw away his crown. She had a gorgeous thin body — she didn’t have any breasts yet. But she was perfect. She had that nervous little nerdy thing when she started talking about something she loved so much that she got anxious and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She had cute dimples on the sides of her cheeks when she laughed.
    But she left me…for a girl who was prettier. I’ve moved on but I still remember her.
  • She was blond and fair skinned. Bossy but always looked out for me. The softest touch and the clearest blue eyes.
  • She had eyes like a forest. Hair like an anime character. And the smile belonging to a tooth care commercial. She showed me so many things that I never knew. She showed me places I’d never been. She showed me love I didn’t know possible. She wasn’t my first girl, but she was the first girl I ever loved. And to me, that’s way more important.


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