The Scent of Memory (2016) full length lesbian film

02 DE MAR – CADERNO 3 – 03c30210 – NLVL

Scent travels from the moment to the mind in the gathering of those touches in time.

Sensing, scent and sentience—all come from the same Latin root: sentire, to feel.

“The story is about the passion between two women, but does not impose flags. It is love without closed signs. These two women could be replaced by a man and a woman or two men. MEMORY OF PERFUME comes to love, as a verb. And love, as a verb, dispenses substantive, dispenses labels “(Rodrigo Fonseca, film critic, DE S. PAULO STATE).

lesbian lovers


The film is narrated by Montenegro itself, which through texts and songs takes the viewer along the plot.

Two musicians, flutist and cellist Madalena Salles and  Janaína Salles, permeate and connect the scenes, enhancing the poetic and playful aspect of the film, like the soul of the characters. MEMORY OF PERFUME has the background theme the conflict between reason and desire, on the premise that every choice is a renunciation and the most expensive price is to be forced to choose.


Two women waiting completely different things of love end up meeting at the initiative of one of them. MEMORY OF PERFUME depicts a night in the life of these women (Ana and Laura), putting the viewer “inside” a house where much of the story takes place, as a voyeur, witnessing, there a multitude of agreements and disagreements radicals.


Two women with absurd affinities and irreconcilable disagreements. Ana holds a secret that can zoom out or both.

The soundtrack can also be seen in the channel:

CAST: Narration: Oswaldo Montenegro. Actresses: Kamila Pistori and Amandha Monteiro. special participation of musicians: Madalena Salles and Janaina Salles.


Here’s the movie in full length :



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