Breathless tremor




Some nights are breathless without you by my side,
Some days are lonely without your smile to tame me,
Some places are empty without the seducing feeling of us,
Some songs are wordless without an embraced dance of us.
The same things that used to be so familiar before,
Now, they’re dying butterflies as you are not here anymore.


Every night I empty my thoughts,
But until morning they are full of you again.
As droplets of us lazily linger within the sorrow of my hungry heart.
How can I follow the path, when I have lost the map?
It’s all coming back to me now,
Overwhelming this sad soul with whispered memories,
Of a seducing love that has inflamed our spirits.
Feelings lost, memories found.
Bruise my aching heart,
With yearnings of you at dawn,
With piercing sorrow at nightfall.
Nothing moves, as the night is deeper measured in silence,
Whenever pictures of you conquer my mind’s eye,
With blissful promises of evanescence,
With sensual touches that cross imagery’s borderline,
Through crimson sunsets beneath whispering pines,
And many moonlight kisses under sleeping willows,
Devour my boldness,
Take away my happiness.
Because all that was you, became a part of me too,
As bitter sweet memories have stolen my soul,
And emptied my heart,
You were one of a kind,
You were a spell of the mind.
Shaman of shallow emotions,
Guru of blind devotions
Love gave my heart dimensions of desire,
And aroused my senses within the everlasting fire,
Entwined with the devouring pain swirling in my soul,
In your hands I was a small doll,
A playmate that brought you to the awaited fall,
You have never heard my heat’s deafening call.

I was your shelter for the rainy days,
I was a shoulder to cry on in the darkest of nights,
As you were a prince of fabulous sensations,
Who’s kingdom was promised to way to many princesses.


Now I am a violin with broken strings,
A hazard candle in the wind,

Who innocently believed in your promises,
But you promiscuously took my love for granted,
Now, I know you were a flame that burned out too soon in time,
You were a passion of the past with a flawless shine,
I keep searching for a breath, a fingerprint, a scent you have left behind,

A breathless tremor of our hearts entwined.

lonely teddy


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  1. tmezpoetry says:

    This poem… makes my heart hurt and that is a lovely thing in the poetic realm… I wish it was solitude, yet too many of these truths in lines I relate with, and feel, and grieve. Soft Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

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