Toy (2016) New Sapphic-themed movie


It tells the story of a young artist who falls in love with a 44 years old sex worker. Chloe is a talented but naive photographer which recently inherited the fortune of her deceased mother. She took over her wealth but also the thing that cost her mother’s life, which she desperately tries to hide as much as possible. As she is struggling to stay the course, Chloe is introduced to Kat through her new job, an high-class call girl who sees herself growing old and constantly losing clients. While the two women are fighting against their own demons to keep their heads above water, circumstances make them come closer to one another and start a new chapter of their respective life in decline. The film addresses sexuality in an exciting but also despairing angle. What makes ToY interesting is the difficult development of Chloe and Kat’s relationship throughout the scenario and their undeniable chemistry, but the end is very sad. Their characters are portrayed by Briana Evigan and Kerry Norton.

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