The Blasphemy of dreams


Chapter 1 : Tara’s dream


She walked the dark path for a long time. There was no moon, there was no sun and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. She was dressed in a white robe with nothing underneath and her midnight hair was spread upon her shoulders and she seemed to walk the path to the Valley of the Shadows of Death. A deafening silence surrounded her being with none to have conversation with, but her shadow. She couldn’t see on what she steps or where she goes to. She could only feel the cold sweat overwhelming her body. Suddenly, a blinding light blurred her sight and she thought she may be hit by a train. But, the shining light vanished as fast as it appeared. No train ever came, nor another light, but an image hard to imagine or understand.




She saw two bodies curved in the form of the fish and bound together. At a closer look, they were sowed together by their fingertips and toes. It was a man and a woman that were pinned with big spikes to the wall and by some four chains that sustained their weight. Deep within their skin there were about hundred razorblades. They were naked and they were bloodless. Their eyes were open like they were looking into each others’ soul. It was a terrifying vision. But that was not all. Under the bodies it was this inscription: “All is vanity and vexation of the spirit”!


In_Dreams___Wallpaper_Pack_by_cosmosue 2 women


The image of the murder disappeared as fast as it came and suddenly she woke up. She watched the clock, it was 4:44. Inspector Tara Sinclair had an awful nightmare. Her long raven hair was all sweaty and stick to her head like a glove. Her sky blue eyes darkened by the torture of the bad dream and her mind didn’t connect to what just happened yet. The line between reality and fantasy was very thin and she didn’t know were she was right now. Apparently, she was in her bed and this was just a nightmare, but what did it mean? She had no idea and it wasn’t time for work yet, so she went to the bathroom to clean herself up and in the kitchen to drink some water to cool down. She looked in the mirror from the bathroom and nothing seemed wrong with her. For the last couple of nights she suffered from insomnia and now this awful dream that made no sense.


Old invitation on the grunge floral background


She tried to relax and go back to bed for the morning was close. The Old City district of Antwerp started to wake up and start a new day of exhausting work and agitated tourists.



*to be continued*



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