Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber Jacobs

I always try to “guess” a writing after it’s title. My first, guess on Nights of Silk and Saphire’s main theme was a luxuriant oriental world of men, battles and muslims, barbarians and desert, lots of sand and thirst and a secret love of two women living in some sultan’s harem.

I was so wrong😊

The story of Dea it is a seductive coming of age story, on the road to her own sexual desires, by having her primal passion.

Imagine two worlds apart, the one Dae grew up as a young girl in a wealthy family, almost royal, in a northern land, where young girl were born and raised to be the wives of knights, war heroes, or landlords, bear their children and have a plain family live. Nothing wrong with that, but those social custom laws have introverted people’s feelings and poisoned their minds, regardless of their hearts and minds.


It is a very contemporary theme actually and quite hard to fight, for young and unexperienced girls, lead by their parents into loveless marriages, instead of searching love as their hearts whisper, even for another woman. Those social custom laws make people from different regions feel strange one about the other, like people from the Orient kingdom express themselves through touch, piercing gaze and close relationships, while the ones from the region comes from are full of doubts, lack of self consciousness, they oppose freedom, their own one, keeping themselves and their children captive in a loveless world.

The story starts with Dae somewhere in between these two worlds, as she was abducted by slave traders and dragged in chains through the in their caravan. They don’t know they passed the territory of the scion Zafirah Al’Intisar , ruler of  El’Kasari, a sort of capital city of an empire, as ancient Rome. Zaphira is a seductress by design, a beautiful warrior ruler, who has her own harem with many beautiful women, all hers. Life is beautiful in this world of blistering sun, rolling dunes, and wind-carved plains.

Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber Jacobs

Dae will live in Zphira’s harem and become a so called pleasure slave, yet she is not ready to give herself to Zaphira. And so, their journey begins. Zaphira’s world is a world of permissive hedonism, sexual freedoms, unchained relationships and her sexual apetite for sexual pleasures is quite legendary, basically Zaphira can have any woman her heart and her body desires. She is an unmistakable beauty : dark long raven hair, athletic body and posture and those unforgettable piercing blue eyes.

Zaphira is accustomed that all the women fall at her feet, yet she understands the world Dae comes from and all her reasons, and somehow, she allows Dae to be herself and find her own way, as a woman, a lover and all she can become.

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Dae is an exotic beauty in this foreign land to her, her pale skin and her blonde her altogether with those green eyes are a rarity on these desert lands and all the women in the harem are puzzled how this young woman has a hold on the great Zaphira. And Zaphira is strange now, she doesn’t want another woman, she is hooked on this strange exotic woman, she has only one sexual experience with a girl from the harem that looks almost as Dae and she wanted to replace the two, yet she has failed and she is just drowned in her unfulfilled passion while she exhausted  the other girl.

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In her expectance, Zaphira falls for Dae like for no other woman before, she is close to commit to an union with her when she will be ready, and that is unbelievable for someone like her. She has to go to a fight and she promises Dae her chastity if Dae does the same.

Dae fails to keep her promise, by experiencing all kind of hot and seductive sexual practices the women do in the harem : three some, more some, bondage and even pussy shaving. That’s when she has her first orgasm and she accepts her sexuality and her desire for women and she understands the behavior of the girls in the harem and loves it and she knows she will give herself only to Zaphira.

cear-iranian-actresses-nikohl boosheri and sarah kazemy

But while Dae has amazing sexual experiences, Zaphira has to deal with her own duties as the ruler of  El’Kasari, she needs to keep the city safe from all the enemies and from all the tribes that want to destroy it. She fails once, while her enemies have found guns with gunpowder in an almost medieval world, when they had no idea what caused this lightening weapon. She is wounded and brought back home.

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Now, that is the moment when  Dae gets frightened, because she realizes she was a fool all this time long, as she has waited too much to be Zphira’s and now may be just too late, because of her false prejudice and wrong judgement. But, Zaphira has just some small wounds, that still needed healing, but she is safe. And Dae loves her more.

After little time, both their sexual fantasy came to life and it was even more that they have ever dreamt off and about, their lovemaking is seductive, steamy, sexy, sweet and wild mixed with seductive perfumes and spices of the Orient – Oriental sin – Sin of my skin, truth of my fantasy.

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Unpurpose, I wanted to mention at the end , that this is an uber Xena and Gabrielle story, but the characters are Amber Jacob’s own creation and I loved her story.



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