T11 Incomplete ~ 2020 queer movie ~ a lesson of humanity against all flaws

“T11 incomplete” is a lesbian drama written and directed by Suzanne Guacci.

The movie has a mark of it’s own because of the amazing characters described in it. The storyline is not impressive and it is driven by the characters who make it great by being difficult and broken who flawlessly show their losses and failures.

The movie is about humanity as it involves flawed characters, not to say even broken ones.

Imagine to keep trying to do the right thing personally and professionally and failing over and over again because of the vices (drinking) that keep you away from doing the right thing. It involves sacrifices one after the other. They are all in-chained and a bad situation leads to a worse one : a bad relationship between a mother and a son, the lack of money which prevents a grandmother to buy her nephew a present on his birthday or to buy medicine for her dying cat (MK) and all these could lead to a worse situation that may private her from liberty.

The characters are chosen perfectly :

  • Kate (Karen Sillas) is a visiting home care aid, a recovering alcoholic, now ten years sober, who is living alone with her cat and she is trying to redeem her life, to improve her relationship with her son Jack (Zachary Boot) and grandson Brady (Maxim Swinton) helped by her daughter in law, Elizabeth (Katy Sullivan).
  • Laura (Kristen Renton) used to be a correctional officer, but after a tragic accident four years ago , she suffered a great trauma and she is now paraplegic and she lives her brother Steve (Colin Bates), who is very protective of her.

We follow Kate’s dull and flawed existence, while she is ten years sober and has a bad relationship with her son Jack. She is a visiting home care aid with a habit of pilfering cash from her clients because she can’t afford almost nothing, not even new snickers.

All that changes when she is assigned to care for Laura, a young, beautiful, paraplegic patient.

Even if Kate hides a lot of pain and she steals money from her patients, she is forgivable because of the circumstances of why she is doing it. Also, she is really tender and caring with her patients.

After such pain and loss Laura, also, hides a lot of suffering. Her brother keeps trying to hook her up with different young women, but they don’t seem to mean anything to Laura. She is not into parties and drinking anymore.

She makes the first move, because she feels Kate’s kindness and tenderness and can’t deny her attraction and her need of Karen. The two women are bonded by their mutual suffering and soon they share an undeniable connection and it is not long before they fall deeply in love.

Things seem to go nice for Kate, even her relationship with Jack improves, but her chain of mistakes keep haunting her and she finally makes a last one, which can destroy her last chance for happiness.

I loved the characters, especially Kate majestically played by Karen Sillas, who seems to find the perfect notes to play such a flawed character and always making it look so natural, human and real. She can’t quit smoking, yet she is sober for ten years. She steals from her patients to buy her grandson a present for his birthday and her dying cat’s medicine (in the movie the cat is a toy ~ and I am grateful for it). She is incredibly caring and kind to her patients and struggles to redeem herself for her son Jack and her grandson Brady and works hard to win back their love. And even if she never had a relationship with a woman, her love for Laura comes unexpectedly, but she is not denying it, but appreciates it as a gift, until she betrays Laura’s trust by following her old ways once more.

She is the one driving the plot, thus the movie is such a character-driven drama.

The title “T11 Incomplete” is a medical term, which refers to a paraplegic patient whose spine is severed, but who still has some feeling in her legs.

The movie covers many themes : wrong decisions, broken people, redemption, disability, humanity, LGBT, age gap lesbian love, main character is in her mid-forties

I loved this movie for all these reasons.

Watch the trailer :

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